Monthly Archives: februarie 2012

I Will Do My Own Thing

Today I found my unexpressed state of mind online. Marco said it well: Do your own thing. And that’s where I’m going.

I want to do many things and improve my life, build a future… all of the cliches that fill up books, magazines and speeches by important people. I won’t wait until I have a plan, or more money, or the right feeling. I don’t care if my back is killing me today. I will do my thing.

Writing is one of my dreams. I will write here, about dreams and happenings, fashion and work. Miscellaneous and random. All these added up make who I am.

Building our home: cooking, decorating, indoor activities. I am not alone anymore and I’m getting married this fall 🙂 

Working as a front-end developer is something I really enjoy. After 6 years of searching for the right job, I found it. It is still exciting after 17 months, I am not getting tired or bored.

Running is my passion. I never thought I could run for 10km, but I started small, added meters gradually and then I reached the 10km mark. My dream is to run a marathon. I have a knee that bothers me when I run long-distance, but I will not give up. I have to run that marathon in this lifetime!

Singing is something I will always enjoy doing. I sang in choirs and small groups, fantasized about having my own band, but nothing more. Tried to take canto lessons but gave up after a couple of lessons. I am not determined to invest time in choir rehearsals just yet, but maybe someday I will again.

There are many other things that don’t fit my program these days, or is it that my program doesn’t fit them? Reading, pampering myself with massages and treatments, hairdos and fancy outfits, DIY projects, catching up with old friends… But I learned that there is a time for everything. Their time will come.

Until then, I will do my own thing.